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Duality was created as a special collaboration with Jared Orozco. This shirt celebrates our indigenous roots, our sacred queerness, and our spirituality as children of God. The poem printed on the back reads:



I like to believe we are made in the image

of gods. Serenity and peace, tiny leaves


and golden spirals of beauty, each of us—

unique. Each of us meant for divinity. I see


myself in every beautiful thing that grows,

or roams and rushes like winds or waterfalls.


But most of all, I see myself in “Two Lords”—

which is to say, I am not all feminine or all


masculine, I am the culmination of maze

and sun, and flowers, and beasts. On the


seventh day gods rested from their works, they

saw what was good and yes, there were


sacrifices and no, I will not choose to

represent only one face of god when I know


there are two, when I see my soul split

beautifully, I am the seed of every good god


damn thing god has in store for me. I am the

child of sweetness, and glory to the gods that


we are of them and we do not have to choose

between masculinity or femininity when


we are all children of duality.

Duality T Shirt

Expected Jan. 31th
  • Standard 5.50 shipping.

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