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community is out there.

Get involved and give back. We are all seeking connection. If you’ve felt alone in your journey, now is the time to make a change.

poets like us.

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franny choi.jpeg

Franny Choi

American Korean Author & Poet 

Franny Choi is intelligent & inspirational in her writing. You will find solace in her words and power in her craft. 

andrera gibson.jpg

Andrea Gibson

American Poet

Andrea/Andrew Gibson's spoken word poetry will pierce your heart. They explore gender, sexuality, and mental health. 


Sierra DeMulder

American Author & Poet 

Sierra DeMulder is a two time slam champion, founder of Button Poetry, teacher, and author. Her writing is raw, detailed, and beautiful. 

denice frohman.jpg

Denice Frohman

American Poet & Educator 

Denice Frohman is a  poet, performer, and educator from NYC. Her Latinx poems will empower you & leave you smiling nostalgically.

positive vibes.

not crying on sundays.