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Reflections While Living in Utah is a poetic narrative in queer self-acceptance. The collection is thematically organized by setting in order to emphasize how environment can shape thoughts. Flores unpacks the complexities of spirituality, ethnicity, and sexuality in the conformative culture of Latter-Day-Saint Utah. The poems reflect the suppressed emotions & untold challenges that many in the LGBTQ+ community have endured. The overarching themes of destructive thoughts, self-harm, and spiritual healing capture the raw experiences of a queer person of color living through what is essentially an identity crisis; are you queer or are you a child of God? As the poems progress, the answer becomes simple—you are both. 


Lin Flores is an author & educator out of the Salt Lake City area. Her debut chapbook, Reflections While Living in Utah is out now! When Flores isn't writing poetry, she is dedicated to teaching history & art to her wonderful students. She is currently studying poetry and working toward her MA online in creative writing at the University of New Orleans. 



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